How changing the weather with photoshop saved my North Wales Housing assignment – with before and after photos

Bangor Main Arts University Building

After two weeks of sunshine the brief sounded like it couldn’t be simpler – photos of a few specific views and landmarks in Bangor for North Wales Housing.

But the weather had other ideas and landscape shots in white mist and rain aren’t quite the same.

I took this photo from near the top of the University Chemistry building – thanks to the ladies there for letting me lean out their window.

I started by clone-stamping the crane out of the shot and then found a replacement sky from another photo.

I used the ‘darken’ blend mode on the sky layer, then layer masked to tidy it up a bit.

I used a color look-up adjustment layer to warm the image and match the components slightly better.

The final thing was to sharpen the image using high-pass filters.

Long story short, my ability to use photoshop allowed me to deliver what my client was after, on time.

 Main Arts University Building

Food photography at the Beach Hut Cafe, Llanfairfechan

Food photography, north wales

My brother runs the amazing Beach Hut Cafe in Llanfairfechan and he wanted some shots of the food he serves.

This photo is really simple, with window light being the main light source.

Looks like I may have made the light less blue in photoshop.

I took another pic looking straight down, but I prefer this one with narrow depth of field.

food photography, north wales

There’s quite a lot of stuff in the cafe, so I simplified the look of this shot by shooting down, thus turning the black table into the background.

Photographing Mentar Busnes event @ Ysgol Llanfefni

Menter Busnes


Menter a Busnes helped me become self-employed back in  2009 and I’m grateful that they still send work my way.

This event, similar to many others I’ve been to, gave pupils the opportunity to hear from people in business.

It is unusual for there to be something as photogenic as this Eagle Owl that came with Pen y Bryn Falconry .

I’ve put this photo of Gwenno up because a)it’s funny and b)can’t put pics of pupils online without necessary paperwork (sorry Gwenno!)


This shot of a motivational speaker is more typical for this type of job, and is much harder to get.

The lighting is very poor, being in a school hall, and it’s a challenge to balance the exposure of the screen with the rest of the image.

Here, I noticed the speaker had some back lighting from a window and so I used my umbrella, flash, and cto gel combo to light him from the front.

I think the difference in the light colour from behind and the front work well

The umbrella had to be balanced on some chairs to get the right angle.

I was close to exposing the screen correctly as well, but I used photoshop to make the text a little clearer.

Tlws Jewellery

The third speaker at Ysgol Llangefni was from Tlws Jewellery.

I took these to my studio in Menai Bridge, so these product shots were a bonus for my clients.

Photographing these type of products is very challenging because you have to work out were you want the direct reflections to be.

It’s no good relying on diffuse lighting because they end up looking flat and boring.


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